The Big Hash Announce New Album

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The Big Hash Announce New Album
The Big Hash Announce New Album

The Big Hash Announce New Album: Having waited for The Big Hash to drop his debut album for so long, we are delighted to share this amazing news with you. The talented rapper is finally ready and will be dropping soon.

After the release of his latest single “Sharpshooter“, fans were itching to receive news on the latest development of his previously announced album “Heartbreak Hotel“. This album was announced in 2020 and fans have waited patiently for its release but the rapper went on to release a mini project “Aries” ahead of it. Many hoped that this year will be the year we finally get to listen to the anticipated album but it seems that ship has sailed.

Taking to his Instagram page, The Big Hash shared his struggles in the past few months and revealed why he wouldn’t be dropping Heartbreak Hotel as expected. He further revealed that he has a new project titled “Better Late Than Never”, to be released this coming October.

For anyone who knows me: I’ve always worn my heart on my sleeve and always without fear…the last 8 months however, fear’s found its way into my world.

In December, the doctors found a tumor in my mother’s brain. She’s spent time in and out of the hospital since. There’s a day when I almost thought she was leaving me behind and I’ve never felt that helpless in my life. Then I had actual friends leave without saying goodbye…my heart’s been the heaviest its ever been. Fear did that. Fear of not knowing what comes next. The fear of how dark my thoughts can get. Above all else, the fear of not seeing tomorrow.

So I decided to get it off my chest and put it into my next offering: My debut album “Better Late Than Never”…I wanted to drop the deluxe for ARIES and move onto HEARTBREAK HOTEL but real life got in the way and pointed me in this direction…
Don’t mistake my silence for complacency, the boy threw himself into the music, when the final product comes, I hope you understand why“.

Big Hash promised that this new album is worth the wait as he poured his heart and soul into making it a masterpiece. Let’s hope that it is everything it has promised to be when it gets here.

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