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“Your Favourite Artistes Can’t Write, They Sample Music And Copy Legacies”- Brymo Slams Twitter Users



Brymo slams Twitters users and Fans of Top Artistes

Brymo slams Twitters users and Fans of Top Artistes

Brymo slams Twitters users: Nigerian talented singer, Brymo has taken a swipe at fans of Davido, Wizkid and Burna Boy on Twitter.

The singer expressed his disgust at their level of mediocrity and musical degrading, crowning himself as the best African artiste ever.

Just a few days ago, Twitter was set ablaze with talks of who is a better artiste between Brymo and Wizkid. The argument went on for days and now, the singer himself has decided to reply fans who do not agree with his viewpoint.

In a series of tweets, the singer who just released his 7th studio album “Yellow” revealed that he doesn’t know Wizkid, Burna Boy and Davido.

According to him, they can’t write music to save their lives, they sample other artiste’s songs and even copy their legacies.

He appears to be baffled that Nigerians rate streams by platforms that aren’t present in Africa and also collaborations and awards that are not African from the same people who banned blacks from entering their country.

He also challenged them to ask their artistes to go for two years without doing any collaborations and see if they would still be relevant.

Brymo added that he is the best of them all and if his legacy is to be justified by awards both foreign and local, he explained that it would be because he has refused to pay to be decorated unlike other artistes.

He further asked them to explain what a hit song is, because they didn’t seem to regard any of his songs as hit songs and this only further baffled him.

One fan had this reply for him:

“Brymo has the mind to shade wizkid and davido cos y’all feeding his ego with the “good music” BS you listen to brymo OR Asa doesn’t mean you’re into good music, good music to me is anything that is appealing to my ears, if small doctor is appealing to me, then it’s good music!!”

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