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Yemi Alade Reacts To Being Called Jobless – “I Still Get Paid Thousands Of Cash In Foreign Currencies Monthly And Quarterly”



Yemi Alade Reacts To Being Called Jobless

Yemi Alade Reacts To Being Called Jobless

Yemi Alade Reacts To Being Called Jobless: Nigerian Afro Queen, Yemi Alade reacts to the claims by a Twitter user that she was jobless.

The award winning singer took to Twitter to share her thoughts about the compulsory lock-down and how she really felt about it.

She revealed that she just realized she has always had a house and only started to actually live in it because of the lock-down.

She added that she has spent more time in airports and airplanes due to her busy career and is thankful to be at home even if she misses performing on stage.

“Mehn, I’m just realizing that even though I have always had a house ,I only just started to LIVE in it and call it home. I spent more time at airports and in Airplanes. Even though I truly miss spending time on stage, it feels good to be at home( in a way) and I’m thankful.”

However, a Twitter user responded saying the quarantine and lock-down has humbled all the celebrities and has also rendered them jobless.

“Quarantine and self isolation has humbled all our celebrities. Did you also realize that you are jobless?”

Yemi responded saying that despite the lock-down, she still gets paid thousands of foreign currency in royalties both monthly and quarterly.

She advised the user to get a job as he is the one who truly needs it and sadly revealed that there is no vacancy on her end.

She wrote:

“no vex but “truly international” artists like us are steady getting paid thousands of foreign currency in royalties monthly and quarterly . I think you are the one in need of a job. Sorry there is no vacancy here sha”

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It takes a whole lot to remain calm and handle social media bullying and also defuse it without actual harm and if you are going to be a celebrity, you will just simply have to learn it.

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