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Hilda Dokubo Blasts Follower Who Says She’s Mocking Christianity And Pastors



Hilda Dokubo Blasts Fan Who Said She's Mocking Pastors

Hilda Dokubo Blasts Fan Who Said She’s Mocking Pastors

Hilda Dokubo Blasts Fans: Nollywood Veteran Actress, Hilda Dokubo took to social media to call on pastors who believe they have spiritual healing powers to go into hospitals and heal people infected with coronavirus.

It would seem like she was simply joking but she wasn’t.

Well, while many people agreed with her, this didn’t seem to sit well with other people as they felt she was challenging men chosen by God to lead.
This isn’t the first time a celebrity is calling on the men of God to charge up and do something.

A particular follower identified as @katchychoco replied her post saying:

“@hildadokubo you’re already challenging God and his healing powers by making this statement. You won’t be focused keep mocking Christianity that’s why most celebrities like you end with one terminal sickness with no human even help”.

Rather than go into a tirade, Dokubo simply replied: “@katchychoco “how bad is your terminal disease?”
She seemed bent on educating the fan rather than get mad or angry.

She further made a post about the ongoing virus, warning people to take it serious as this deadly pandemic has claimed the lives of many.

She urged them to stay at home and obey the directions of the health sector.

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Do not allow anyone put your life at risk. You are important to your friends and family. #covid19 corona virus, covidivorce codiliadriveus kovis one nine whichever way you know it, is real and it’s here. It’s a global crisis. Many have died. Many are battling with life, social distancing, selfisolating and personal hygeine plus drinking warm water every 15minutes are some of the ways you can work with God to preserve you at this trying moment. Feel free to hate me for being honest. I frankly don’t care as long as you stay at home in safety and save all who know you from worrying For those who can handle the truth… you can join me throughout this period of lockdown, every morning for our bible study series tagged: Church is not a building. The truth you know and apply shall set you free😍

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