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“Get A First Aid Box, Hospitals May Not Respond”- Angela Okorie



Angela warns Fans To Get A First Aid Kit

Angela warns Fans To Get A First Aid Kit

Angela warns Fans: Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie took to her Instagram page to share a seemingly important advice with her fans and the public at large about the coronavirus pandemic.

The movie star urged people to obey all the rules and regulations that have been given on how to avoid contracting the deadly infection or spreading the virus further.

Angela told her followers that the disease is spreading widely and very fast too despite what we are made to believe.
In the message she posted on her Instagram page, the actress told people that Nigeria does not have the capacity to treat many people in the case where a high number of cases are confirmed to be positive.

She further urged her fans to hold their salvation with all seriousness and get closer to God and also place their lives in his hands. She urged them to maintain cleanliness in all they do.

She finally advised that they have first aid at home in case hospitals donโ€™t respond when they call.
One cannot over emphasize the need to be careful with an extra tip during these perilious times.

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Drop all that going to places for useless powers, Jesus is Lord Give it all to God Now Confess all your sins and accept Jesus is Lord, then ask for forgiveness The people you expect to be in heaven Won’t be the one’s you will see Listen Is not by preaching in church oooo Going to all the crusade ground Every Sunday you are in church But doing evil behind, thinking God is not watching , search your soul Covid-19 pandemic is not a Joke Our country don’t even have the power to carry the capacity of people that might be affected , but he will surely see his people through, it’s Spreading widely and very fast, In all that you do put God first, fear God , yes Fear Him . Fill up your house if you can ,stay at home,stay happy . Note: Very important , Wash your hands regularly with soap, then apply hand sanitizer, always cover your nose, and avoid close contact with people , then make sure you have first aid at home incase hospital donโ€™t respond wen u call, truely E go red ooooo but God will protect his own Amen๐Ÿ™ Keep praying he will hear us. Morning world ๐ŸŒŽ

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