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COVID-19: “Karma Take The Wheel”- Rema Jabs At Nigeria Politicians With No Place To Run For Treatment



Rema Mocks Nigerian Politicians Over Inability To Travel Abroad For Treatment

Rema Mocks Politicians Over Inability To Travel Abroad For Treatment

Rema Mocks Politicians: Nigerian buzzing singer, Rema took to his Twitter handle to jab at politicians who are stranded of good health care following the latest coronavirus outbreak.

The outbreak of the deadly virus has been more or less a terror and a nightmare, owing to the number of infected persons and deaths the world has recorded.

Nigeria has recorded about 51 cases of infected persons and some of which are our politicians who may have contacted it one way or the other.

Over the weeks that follow, the Nigerian politicians have been the subject of ridicule due to the public health announcements that some of them have being detected with the virus of which a cure is unknown.

Several fans and celebrities alike have also made small talks about this issue, blaming the politicians and the government for abandoning the ever depreciating and deteriorating health sector.

It is a known fact that the top notch members of the society always take trips out of the country to seek better health care, leaving the hospitals back home out of shape and naked of quality services.

Funds are hardly ever allocated to this part of the system and this is undoubtedly one of the most needed and most important sectors in any society as the lives and well being of the nation depends on it.

Now, the virus is here and the borders are closed, alongside the fact that most countries are on lock-down and will not accept visitors, the politicians are stuck with the lousy healthcare system they failed to build, grow and revive.

Rema hopes that Karma will take the wheel. He wrote:

“They refused to invest in hospitals because they could fly abroad to get treatments for themselves, now countries borders closed, Karma take the wheel.”

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