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Check Out 2Baba’s 13- Track “Warriors” Album Review



2Baba Warriors Album Review

2Baba Warriors Album Review

2Baba Warriors Album: The legendary artiste- Innocent Ujah Idibia, popularly known by his long time stage name 2Baba just released his 9th studio body of work which he tittled “Warriors”.

This 13-track album features top Nigerian artistes like Olamide, Tiwa Savage, Burna Boy, HI Idibia, Peruzzi etc.

The singer who is also the CEO of Hypertek Digital Record released the much awaited album on the 28th of February this year which precedes his last album titled Ascension which was released around 2014.

After listening to the creative song list, here’s what I think about it:

The song opens up with a trumpet intro in an Afro beat up-tempo style that draws you towards it immediately. 2Baba experimented with a different technique on this song, infusing the current Afro dancehall style and his popularly known Afro pop. Carry Dey Go is a slang word used mostly among Nigerians which can be translated to mean Carry On in English Language. In this song, 2Baba tries to tell us how mesmerized he is about his woman’s body and how he wouldn’t want the feeling to end. He tells her to carry on with her advances, expressing how happy they would be together if they were like that every day. The best part of the song comes at the end where we hear some singular beats played in a key manner, softly serenading the song to an end. On my scale of 1 to 10, I would rate Carry dey go 8/10.

This is a song for lovers of accurate drum skills that slowly modulates into a high crescendo and falls abruptly. With a voice intro from AJ, 2Baba starts this one out with thanksgiving lyrics. 2Baba is known for using the pidgin language style in all his songs, with an intent to relate to as much as the grassroots because a part of him belongs there ultimately. If no be you is a beautiful song, carefully crafted out to show appreciate to every single one who has in one way or the other lent a helping hand to building people up. A line in the song goes thus…
“If no be you, brother make you tell me who I for be?”
In English, this is translated as… “Where would I be without you?”
The upbeat tempo in this song ascends and descends evenly throughout, slowly sustaining the end bits and eventually fading out. Everybody loves a thanksgiving song. So, this song would grab an 8/10 for me.

This one collaboration you must listen to! A complete and well baked package of African blends. Burna boy brings fire on this track with his deep voice which rings through every word and rhyme. He regards himself as the best thing after Fela Kuti and we can see that he employs some elements of the icon in all his songs, this one notwithstanding. We must groove urges people to live their life and know that as long as there is life and their brain still functions, they must enjoy it to the fullest. One spectacular thing about Burna Boy is his tenacity when it comes to music. He gives everything into his craft and doesn’t hold back. This song is proof of that. With a constant drum beat that will keep you nodding your head unconsciously, it would definitely appeal to you as one of your favourites on this album and this isn’t because you might be a Burna Boy fan or on the side of 2Baba but because it is deliciously irresistible. 2Baba picked the right artist for this song because a fusion of Afro beat, Afro pop and RnB vibe is something nobody can listen to sitting down. It’s a 9/10 for me!

When HI IDIBIA appeared on this, it got people wondering if there was an actually difference between him and 2Baba. Although their voices sound alike, you would still fish out 2Baba’s vintage voice from the song. Some parts of the song were rendered in his language, giving it a native vibe, yet retaining it Afro style. It is a beautiful mesh of not only sounds you love but it has this dance ring to it, keeping you on your feet as soon as you hear the first jig. 2Baba never disappoints his fans each time and I think that is what has kept him through the years. While other artistes phased out, his music still stands. He knows how to shift towards the trending style while still maintaining his originality and this is a skill most artistes of this era don’t understand. Oyi is a hippy tune which flags one of 2Baba’s anthem which living just and being happy despite. He stresses that life is too short to not remain happy or take it “jeje” meaning “easy” in the local language. Let’s give this song an 8/10.

Olamide is one artist that is not only versatile but also gifted. His kind of music sieves through different tribes in Nigeria. Although he renders most if not all of his songs in his local Yoruba language, it is still widely listened to and accepted all over the country. This is because of his style and uniqueness and also his ability to relate with the grassroots. He fuses his language with pidgin and adds a signature tune to it which distinguishes him from other artistes in the Industry. He jumps on this song with his ever ready vibe and renders his lyrics as passionately as his does. 2Baba serves us some really good words, stressing on the fact that one should be afraid of people who keep secrets. He gently ushers the listeners through a smooth passage, giving them soft landing as with every song he puts out. Featuring Olamide gave the song a street style twist which I’m sure will appeal to most of Olamide’s fans and his. Great collaboration! I would put this song on a 7/10.

2Baba starts this one with great vocals, joining musical strength with DMW’s Label Artiste, Peruzzi to create a dancehall tune. He titles this one “Amaka” which is a female name in the Igbo language which can be said to mean “Beauty”. Artistes lately have started a trend that sees them using female names as their song title and creating a buzz around it to appeal to a larger audience, especially if there are a lot of ladies by those names. Peruzzi has to been known to create fire in any song he is featured in and Amaka is definitely one to watch out for. He serves us some really good dessert in this song, taking us through an all too familiar journey with his gentle but lavish vocal ability. 2Baba tries not to overdo himself on this one. He keeps it simple, yet savvy and fiery. There will always be something about his sound that just keeps one glued to whatever he is dishing, as long It’s from 2Baba himself, It’s healthy! Let’s agree on an 8/10.

This song exposes the sound you hear when you listen to one of 2Baba’s old songs titled “See me so”. It just takes you down memory lane first before you even decide to enjoy this one. I can guarantee you would love this song even before listening to it because why not? 2Baba combines his evergreen style with the sonorous voice of Syemca whose antics gives this song that special, relaxed and calm vibe it embodies. 2Baba amplifies the tempo of the song by giving us a back to back, word for word lyrical piece. He sends us spiraling into a kind of musical space, something he is perfectly good at, with no stress. The song is calm and gentle but with kleptomaniac fangs to steal your heart. Mixed with some RnB, soulful chills, it is a song for those hopeless romantics but also creates a spot for some Afro lovers out there. Here’s another 8/10.

Starting out with Tiwa Savage’s sultry and sexy voice ringing through, Ginger is a song that sees the African Queen of RnB, Afro dancehall and pop giving us her definition of love, alongside 2Baba who compliments her with his strong tone. The veteran duo takes it soft on this one, sharing backups and entertaining us with some good old waves at the same time. Tiwa pours out her sauce and steam, showing us through her voice and lyrics how much love means to her. She also expresses how she feels at not being able to control how she feels. This is just Tiwa being her awesome self. You just have to love her! The tempo of this song is just about right. 2Baba is painstakingly selecting the best artistes for his type of music and this is one reason why this Album is a must have. The song accommodates both styles which we know to be different and does so fluently, without hitches. It throws the listeners into a love mood which is one of Tiwa’s strong points. It’s a 9/10.

I could say this song has some influences of Wizkid in it and wouldn’t be wrong. It strongly suits his kind of music. Wizkid has a special kind of touch that you couldn’t resist even if you tried. His voice reverberates through every cell of this song, totally and completely blanking 2Baba out. What is catchier is the intro to this song which almost sounded like 2Baba was speaking some slang in a Jamaican fashion but a closer listen gives us a clearer picture of what he is saying. Wizkid takes over, providing us with that get-off-your-seat beat which makes fans and non- fans go crazy. I would say that the beat to this song sounds similar to Wizkid’s Joro but hey, it’s 2Baba’s song and you can’t beat that. 2Baba blended so well in this song, I almost didn’t recognize him. He always brings the heat any day, anytime! For me, this song beats my scale!

This hit banger titled “Important” talks about how nothing should be looked down on, regardless of whatever position or value. 2Baba comes through with this mid-tempo song which first of all put you on your toes with his words of truth, then follows further with a musical crescendo, creating a whole different journey in your mind. He creatively merges passion and lyrical composition to produce what you hear in this song which I would describe as edible. Important came to limelight at a point when we just didn’t think 2Baba would release anything. The song embodies a party tempo to it which ultimately will get you moving in no time. It is safe to say that 2Baba decided to appease his fans with this jam and as long as Nigerians love Afro pop, you will fall in love with this one. Let’s give it an 8/10.

This song started out with a kind of salsa tune which eventually fades gently into the background as 2Baba’s voice takes over. The song uses verbal illusion expressed by 2Baba to convey hidden meanings behind the lyrics. One line says:
“I like pet, I like pet baby. Shey you see I want play with your kitty kat”
He deviates from the normal musical content which he is known for and serves us something sultry and adorns it with a little tang of trumpet sounds which is amazing by the way. The song is an overall cool song and would be better to die-hard fans. I personally don’t think the title changes my view of what the words mean, instead it pulls me away. Maybe 2Baba should stick to who we know him as. I’m just saying. It’s a 7 for me.

The lyrics of this song sounds at first like something Rema would write but what differentiates it is 2Baba’s unique style of adding his local language to most of his songs. This automatically makes it original without question. Love me has a special kind of back beat that just makes you want to listen to it again and again. A one-time listening won’t do. The song is weirdly diversified in the sense that it takes the shape of different artistes and still manages to return to the original 2Baba style untouched. I would rate it 8/10.

I like to think that this song is an exact replica of 2Baba himself. This is the album itself. Apart from the fact that it bears the same name as the album, it follows 2Baba’s pattern of telling a story, a typical Nigerian story and that is one true aspect the legendary artiste is known for. He does justice to this song. The beat gives the listener a feel of what life means and a glimpse into the world of an average man trying to survive in a nation that sets adversities against him. Warriors will leave you wanting more and that is what 2Baba hopes to achieve, I presume. If you want a trip down memory lane, to experience that “As you see me so” vibe, then this is the song for you! It’s a 10 for me.

Thank You for reading through!

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